robb_quinlan (robb_quinlan) wrote,

Fans are mad

Our faithful Angel fans aren't just said. Some of they are really pissed off about that Game 2 dibacle by home plate umpire Doug Eddings. Ok sure enough there was more controversy in game four as well. Anyway is online and the guy who runs it is one sick guy. It makes me be ashamed of some of our fans.

We all know the reason the Angels lost is because you'rs truely was not in the lineup in favor of Chone Figgins and Steve Finley. I like Chone but the guy didn't do anything. Vlad either. Vlad you were great this year but going 1/20 in the ALCS really hurt me man. I looked up to you.

It's time for the off season and I'm already looking forward to going back to Minnesota. I can't wait to hit the slopes.
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